Living Your Best Life… through Exercise, Diet & Physical Therapy
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Staying active, while aging, is the secret to living your best life!  SA Moves helps keep your body moving, and your mind alert, by supporting programs such as: PEPs (the Parkinson’s Exercise Program); Rock Steady Boxing; Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy; as well as, various other programs & events throughout the year.

Mullti-ethnic senior group of people

For Patients and Caregivers
– Plan, Prepare, & Be Aware:  Hospital Visits & Emergency Room Preparation

For Movement Disorders
– Meet The Professionals:  Q&A with A Movement Disorder Medical Team
– Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease
– Caring for the Caregiver: Avoiding Burnout

For Clinicians (continuing medical education credit offered):
– Physician Journal Groups
– Drug Interactions for EMTs and Paramedics
– Nursing and Physical Therapy Training for Movement Disorders